Watch me Paint Bob Marley's Portrait in this Video!
Almost 4 Weeks in 1 Minute !!
The painting is made with Acrylic on canvas.
Art by  Asaf Lassri
Video Edit by Tooky Took
Music -Bob Marley – Jamming (Banx & Ranx Remix )

Working on my Bob Marley portrait . march 2017 , Israel

My first participation in an art exhibition in London
"La galleria pall mall "  ,March 2016 , London ,UK

long nights, while i worked on the painting "some day, equal pay".

After I finished   The "Golden Gate Bridge" , san francisco
Three parts drawing project 270×100 cm,  happy  ! :P

While I worked on the piece of Angelina Jolie.Photo by Liri Refaeli

While I worked on the piece of Robin Williams painting ,
acrylic on canvas

The best part at work! :)

Reproduction of my Cobain painting on a different size
acrylic on canvas

While I worked on the piece of Dexter !

Working on a tribute to Mona Lisa

Working on a custom painting

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